New Class Timetable

Fitness HIIT: 45 minute class. Functional fitness exercises to get you fit quickly!

Cardio Club: For the fitness lovers, 30 minute express class. Interval training using Bike, Ski Erg, Rower, Skipping and Running.

Strength: 45 minute class. Focus on your compound lifts to get strong. Deadlift, Squats, Bench and Overhead Press. Accessory exercise included. Great for rehab and isolation focus. No cardio, just lifting.

Gymnastics: 45 minute class. Core workout at the beginning, then Pull Ups, Handstands, Toes to Bar technique, Dips etc. Get body weight strong.

Body Essentials: 45 minute class. Great pair with Gymnastics, animal flow, movement focused, body weight strength, KB complex, core, handstands and floor work.

WOD: 45 minutes. Snatch or Clean and Jerk complex first, then a strength and conditioning piece to finish. Using AMRAP’s, EMOM, For Time etc Great class for people who love Crossfit style.

Masters League: 45 minutes. For the Crossfit ML athletes wanting to compete in the Games. We focus on technique, intensity, being smart about the workout to get the best result for your competition.