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Strength & Fitness Classes with a Personal Trainer

Jan Timetable 2024

Cardio Club – 45 minutes. Two Parts using Rower, Echo Bike, Ski Erg, Skipping, Burpees and Running interval training. Followed by a Metcon using body weight, gymnastic, Kettle bell, Dumb bell and Dead balls. A good class for beginners (can scale all workouts) and for individuals who want to improve cardio performance!

Strength: 45 minutes of Strength Conditioning. This class has a strength focus, each month will focus on improving a heavy Barbell compound lift (i.e. deadlift, squat, bench, overhead press etc) finishing off with body building strength exercises. A good class for all fitness levels and for individuals wanting to improve their strength and muscle tone.

X Fit: 45 minutes starting with a Barbell Weight Lifting Complex followed by a strength & conditioning workout. For example, For Time, AMRAP or EMOM etc This class can scale all workouts but can be challenging in terms of skill based movements. If you like to be competitive and push performance this class is for you!

Stretch: 30 minutes of stretching! Perfect to motivate you to stretch more in a group environment. Focus on hip mobility, shoulders, lower back, the whole body!