Easter Hours 2022

Good Friday: No classes Saturday: 7:30am Metcon Sunday: 9am Weight Lifting Easter Monday: No classes Tuesday: Back to normal

New Class Timetable

Fitness HIIT: 45 minute class. Functional fitness exercises to get you fit quickly! Cardio Club: For the fitness lovers, 30 minute express class. Interval training using Bike, Ski Erg, Rower, Skipping and Running. Strength: 45 minute class. Focus on your compound lifts to get strong. Deadlift, Squats, Bench and Overhead Press. Accessory exercise included. Great …

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Oh hey!! Lockdown: 20th July 2021

Oh hey!!! Lockdown: 20th July, 2021. Hi team, we will begin ZOOM classes tonight 6pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday 8:30AM. Workout will be available on Wodify App if you prefer to workout at a different time. Link to ZOOM classes will be sent in our Facebook group and email. Enjoy your rest, keep positive. …

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2 Week Free Trial!

Try our class time table for 2 weeks, attend as many classes as you can! We offer 2 memberships for classes: Unlimited Classes $45 3x Classes a week $30 If you have any questions about our classes please contact us.